Feeld Review – Experience Couple Dating At Its Finest!

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  • March 30, 2023

Feeld is basically a dating app for singles, couples and swingers, and when we say a dating app for couples, we really mean it.

Couples are joining this threesome dating app in order to find someone who is interested in adventurous sex with them, and you can register all by yourself or together with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In the past, it was called 3nder - tinder for couples, so you may have heard about it or even used it when it was going under this name.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

overview of feeld

Feeld is a pretty simple darting app that can be downloaded both to iOS and Android devices without any problems, and it works pretty much the same as all other regular threesome dating apps.

However, when joining the app, you will have to choose whether you are joining along with your partner or you are creating a profile only for yourself.

This is basically a Tinder for couples, but of course, you can join it on your own and start searching for other couples who are into the same erotic adventures as you.

Once you choose what the type of arrangement you are looking for is and whether you are looking for a couple or a single person, you will be presented with all the potential options on your homepage, and you can start sending likes and messages to those you find to be interesting.

Main Features

feeld main features

Even though Feeld is a bit outdated couples dating app, it still has a lot of features and filters that will make the search for your potential couple or partner a lot faster and easier.

Facebook sync

A Facebook sync with your account is basically mandatory, and in order to become verified on the app, you will have to share your account with the website.

However, it won’t be allowed to post anything on your homepage and your friends will not be able to see that you are using the platform because it is mandatory just because of safety reasons of all active users.

Hide from friends

In case you have just registered to this threesome dating app, and you have seen some people you know in real life using it too, you can choose to purchase this feature and hide your profile from them.

After that is done, you will never appear on your homepage, and they will not be able to find your account even if they try searching for it.

Future connection

Since there is really a large number of active people and most of them find a match minutes after joining, they can label someone as a future connection and show them that they would want to be one of their next flings in the next week or month.

Last Seen

Their chat function is also pretty amazing, and not only does it allow you to share pictures, gifs, videos, and links, but you will also be able to see when was the last time someone you were talking to was online or has seen your message.


  • Tinder for couples
  • Great for those who want to explore their sexual fantasies
  • Free
  • About 2 million users


  • You need to purchase most of the features
  • It doesn’t have a lot of users outside the USA

Customer Support

help center of feeld

On Feeld, customer support is required to do basically everything you can think of - from handling the reports about fake profiles, inappropriate content, or offenses to dealing with your subscription and cancellations.

They have a large support team that is available 24/7, so if you ever find yourself in trouble while using this app, you can be sure that they will sort things out for you as fast as they can.

The Bottom Line

overview of feeld

This is one of the rare threesome dating apps, which is basically Tinder for couples, but single people looking for some adventures can join it too.

For that reason, I would recommend it to everyone who is willing to experiment with their sexuality and relationship, because they will definitely be able to meet people looking for the same things easily.

It may not have too many users in the USA,, so you will probably struggle a bit, but in general, this is an amazing threesome dating app everyone should give a try to if they are into stuff like this.

How to Find a Third Person for the Bedroom

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Also, be mindful of jealousy. Are you both OK with this? And what are things that are OK while having the threesome? Is full-blown intercourse with the third person alright, or is there some sort of limit for what can be done and what can’t be done? [read]

Get Your Wife to Have a Threesome

You can get your wife curious about threesomes by introducing the topic in a manner that makes it more enticing to her. Maybe she’s already curious, or maybe she’s never considered it but now sees it in a new light. Whatever way around, you can definitively talk about it in an enticing manner. You can, however, not coerce her into having a threesome. If she’s hesitant about it and goes along just because she knows you want to do it, it can ruin your sex life, even your relationship with her.

Just saying, “I want to have a threesome” is likely not going to get you far, not unless you already have a dialogue going. So, are you already talking to your wife about your sex life? Do you both openly talk about what you enjoy? Praise one another when the other did something that turned you on, or was especially hot in the bedroom?

If not, that’s the best way to start. Make her feel comfortable. Make her feel desired. Compliment her in every day life, too—not just about her looks and how attractive she is, but her personality and the things she does that make you happy. This will make her feel safe with you and, also, feel appreciated on an emotional level. [read]