The Ultimate Review of EliteSingles – Is it Worth Your Time?

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  • March 30, 2023

If you were ever thinking of joining an online rich dating platform, then you have definitely heard of Elite Singles, which is considered to be one of the most popular and safest websites of this kind.

Site Overview

Elite Singles is one of the rich men dating sites that has been around for ages, and it has managed to gather millions of loyal users worldwide. However, unlike regular dating apps and platforms you can see on the internet all the time, this one is focused on rich dating, and it is one of the few elite dating sites.

In order to join Elite Singles, not only you should be aware that you will meet rich people only, but you have to be rich yourself if you want to get accepted to it. It is one of the platforms with the highest success rate, and thanks to its unique filters and features it will help you meet your new soulmate almost instantly. In case you were looking for this type of dating space, then Elite Singles is definitely should choice for you.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

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Elite Singles is very easy to use and it resembles regular dating platforms like EHarmony, Zoosk and Millionairematch. Even though this is a rich men dating site, it really doesn’t differ too much from regular dating apps and sites.

However, you need to be aware that you have to get accepted to the platform before you are able to start browsing and searching for your new boyfriend or girlfriend through it. Since it is called Elite Singles, it really does welcome only single people from the highest social circles, and in order to join, you will have to provide them with plenty of information about yourself.

Information about your income, education, social network, and heritage are just some of the things you will need to share if you want to gain access to the website. For that reason, make sure you upload as much information as you can to your dating profile, otherwise, you will risk not getting admitted to the platform.

How it works?

how it works elitesingles

Elite Singles is a very expensive and specific dating platform, so it is completely normal to expect a lot of special features while you are using it.

One of the best things you will come across on Elite Singles is the possibility of personality matching. This is a feature that will take into consideration all the information you have ever uploaded to your profile and make sure the people who start appearing on your homepage are not just any rich men on a dating site, but rather people who will fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

They will take into consideration your job, habits, social background, and many different things, and try to match you with people who have the largest number of things in common with you.

The other amazing feature you will find on this platform is the ability to search through this elite dating site and look for people who went to the same university as you, or maybe work in the same field or company. Unlike other datings apps and platforms where you don’t really have the option to search through the userbase, Elite SIngle basically allows you to look for a specific person or a partner from a specific family or company.

In the world of the rich, this is a very important thing because a little bit of networking or just one relationship can take you a long way in your career and overall life.

The platform also offers match recommendations and just like popular dating apps, it will sort your matches by the level of compatibility, so never ignore this feature and at least give a try to people who appear on your list.

Main Features

main features of elitesingles

Elite Singles is an elite dating platform, which is also the reason why it is able to provide you with some of the best features in the dating world.

Advanced search options are probably the reason why so many people are joining Elite Singles in the first place.

You will be able to look for your perfect partner basically by searching for someone who has your preferred age, job, education, eye color, and height because Elite Singles has taken all of this in mind.

Wildcard Matches: Premium members will have access to this feature which can provide them with 20 additional matches every time they reach a swipe limit.

Favorites List: If you are browsing through your homepage and you see a large number of people who you believe can be a good match for you,; otherwise but you have no idea who to decide on, you can always save them in your favorites list and make the decision; later when you feel like it!

Have You Met?: This feature is accessible to everyone, and it reminds you of some people you may have missed on accident or you didn’t understand were a great match for you.


  • Great for both relationships and networking
  • Amazing special features
  • Detailed profiles


  • Expensive membership
  • Elite dating site
  • Can be very hard to get accepted

Customer Support

faq of elitesingles

If you are ever having any problems and troubles with the website itself, or you don’t understand why some of your actions were not labeled in the right way, you should contact their customer support.

They are available to everyone 24/7 and you can reach out either through chat or through their e-mail address.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Elite Singles is basically a rich men dating site that is made to connect people from the highest social circles with ease. It is made only for members from higher social classes, and it is really a platform you won’t be able to gain access to if you are not one of them too.

It is an amazing dating platform with great features and options, but if you are not a member of these circles, then you definitely don’t have much to do on it.