7 Things You Should Know About a Man Before Dating Him

things should know to date a man
  • DatingRing
  • April 15, 2023

You want to date the right man, and this means that you can’t base your decision to date him based on his appearance alone. No matter how attractive you might find him, you need to learn more about him before you can start dating him seriously. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re dating someone that’s not a good person or that you don’t like.

How Does He Treat Others?

This is very important. The way he treats others, whether it’s his family, friends, the wait staff at a restaurant, the Lyft driver, etc. is an indication of his personality. If he is rude, ignores them, etc., there is a good chance he will start treating you the same way. People like this are not worth your time, and you should avoid them at all costs. They aren’t going to change and suddenly become a better person without a lot of work, and you shouldn’t have to put in that kind of effort just to make someone a decent human being.

Does He Stay Well-Groomed?

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It’s okay if sometimes he needs to shave or if he forgot to iron something, but you don’t want to date a slob. If he’s not clean, doesn’t take care of his personal hygiene, and doesn’t care at all about the way he looks, it could indicate some issues. Likely, he doesn’t care about a lot of other things that are important to you. [Read: When and What to Text After The First Date]

Is He Motivated?

You don’t need to date the next Pulitzer Prize winner or world-famous entrepreneur, but it’s nice to have someone who is motivated to better themselves and become successful in whatever endeavor they choose. If you date someone who doesn’t care about being the best person they can be, there is a chance that they could drag you down along with them.

Who Are His Friends?

It’s often possible to judge someone by the company they keep. If he hangs out with a lot of pick-up artists, criminals, or slackers, you can be sure that he fits in well with that group of friends. They tend to pack together. On the other hand, if he spends his time with friends who are in healthy relationships, it’s more likely he will be looking to start a committed relationship of his own. That’s not always the case, but it’s more likely than someone who sits around and talks negatively about women with his friends while playing video games. [Read: 70 Best Sweet Compliments For Women]

What Does He Do in His Spare Time?

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What types of hobbies does he have? Maybe he likes to play tabletop roleplaying games, or he likes to go hiking. Maybe he enjoys fishing and camping. Does he volunteer some of his time? Although it’s normal for you to have different hobbies from one another, it will be nice to find at least a few things that you can do together. You don’t want to be with someone if you have nothing in common.

What Types of Dates Does He Suggest?

When he suggests places to go on your first few initial dates, what are his choices? Do they match up with the types of things that you like to do? It’s fun to try something that you haven’t done before, but you don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Does he take your date suggestions, or is he only going to do the things he wants to do? This can tell you a lot about him.

Is He Open or Closed Off?

Another important thing to know about someone before dating him is whether he is open with his feelings and if he communicates well. It’s hard to get to know and connect with someone who is closed off.

Consider each of these factors, as well as anything else that’s important to you before you date a man. It will help you to find the right partner.