How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money?

sugar daddy give you money
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  • April 10, 2023

Having a sugar daddy comes with several potential perks. Some women are looking specifically for cold, hard cash, and truth be told, it’s not that difficult to find. Sugar arrangements come in all shapes and sizes and sugar daddies are out there waiting to spoil women of all kinds with allowances, lavish gifts, and so much more. Of course, you can’t just find a sugar daddy and start demanding he pay for things—there’s a bit more finesse required.

If you want to start a relationship with a sugar daddy where he provides you with money to pay for things or cover your bills and expenses, you’ll need to outline that in your search and make everyone aware of your intentions and desires from this arrangement. This is a situation where honesty is always the best policy—no man is going to appreciate being taken advantage of, or even those who are daring enough to try. Just don’t do it. It’s in poor taste and quite frankly, it’s unnecessary if you know how to foster a good sugar relationship.

How to get a sugar daddy to give you money online?

sugar daddy give you money

Make the Arrangement Clear

This is already an alternative relationship. There’s no sense going in with false pretenses or without disclosing exactly what you want or expect from a sugar daddy. Make your intentions and desires clear from the beginning so that there is no confusion. Then you’ll find someone who wants to spend time with you and who is willing to provide the financing that you desire so that you can buy nice things, pay bills, and so forth.

You might only want a sugar daddy to give you money to pay for outfits so that you can go out together and look your best. Make that clear in the arrangement from the beginning. Perhaps you just want a sugar daddy that will give you free rein and full access to his bank account so that you can spend as you please—depending on the other features you’re looking for in a partner, there are a lot of options out there today. [Read: 10 Best Polyamorous Relationship Rules]

Discuss What “Spoil” Entails

Most sugar babies expect to be spoiled, but what does that mean to you? Are you looking for expensive gifts, nice dinners, maybe someone to buy you a new car? This is a great way to get what you want out of a relationship, but you have to know what that is. If you’re expecting to be handed cash and your sugar daddy only wants to buy you gifts or take you on expensive trips, you might have a conflict of interest in your arrangement.

Of course, you may also decide that this is an acceptable arrangement because he’ll be paying for the trips, the meals, and all the other expenses along the way. Essentially it’s like being given cash, but it’s being spent as you go. [Read: Places to Meet for Affairs]

Ask Him What He Wants

If he’s going to be handing out his hard-earned cash, shouldn’t he have some say in what it’s for? Perhaps he’s looking for a certain type of woman or someone to go to specific events. Maybe he’s hoping his generosity will be repaid with sexual favors. In any case, you should discuss what he wants so that you can deliver on your end of the relationship. Then, it will be much easier to ask for whatever it is that you want, including cash.

If Asking for Money, Does it Matter What It’s For?

sugar daddy give you money

You may be entangled how to get a sugar daddy to give you money. Some sugar daddies will be happy to pay for dinners, outfits, jewelry, and other items that might benefit them. Others are completely willing to finance your entire lifestyle in exchange for your company and adoration. Talk to anyone you consider starting this type of relationship with to determine whether they care what kind of things you’re spending the money on or if they are just happy to spoil you in a way that you enjoy. [Read: Sugar Dating Tips for the First Date]

Honesty Goes a Long Way

In this type of arrangement, honesty will do more than anything. Be upfront with anyone that you consider being in a sugar relationship with. They’ll appreciate it and respect you more for it. Plus, you won’t waste time on bad matches because you’ll know upfront whether or not you’ve got a good fit. You have to get comfortable in asking for what you want, whether that’s cash or anything else, and the rest will fall into place. Know that you’re not asking for anything off-limits here and that it’s totally legal for a sugar daddy to give you money, so long as it’s not explicitly payment for sexual encounters or favors.

That’s right. It only becomes prostitution if it’s a specific arrangement that you are being compensated for a sexual relationship or sexual activities. If your sugar daddy is just giving you an allowance because he likes spoiling you and spending time with you, that’s acceptable. If you also happen to have consensual sexual relations along the way, that’s legal and acceptable, as well. It’s all about the intent and the relationship behind things.

Sugar daddies and sugar babies aren’t new. People have been forming these types of relationships for many years now. They are becoming even easier to find, thanks to the Internet, and that gives plenty of sugar babies the courage to outright ask for cash in exchange for their company, or for any other reason. What matters is going about things the right way, getting used to advocating for yourself, and making sure that you’re upfront and honest with your sugar daddy at all times.

A sugar daddy relationship could be a good way to get the spoiling that you want and allow you to enjoy a different type of lifestyle that you might not have on your own. It can be a great way to get money and spend time with interesting men and well-established men, and it is often the preferred choice for those who like being spoiled and taken care of by the right type of man.