Weareher Review – Is This The Best Lesbian Dating App?

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  • DatingRing
  • April 3, 2023

Finding an excellent queer dating site can be quite a struggle, especially if you are into lesbian dating. Lesbians tend really to be marginalized on dating apps, so once we have come across a lesbian dating app that is safe and suitable for all queer women, we have decided to present it to you and help you find your queer match easily.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

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We Are Her is one of the rare dating apps that is focused on helping queer, trans, and non-binary women find a partner for themselves, which can be quite tough on regular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Once this appeared on the market, all the queer women decided to move to it, and nowadays, it has almost a million active users throughout the whole world.

However, the registration process can be a bit tough because you will be required to upload a lot of information about yourself and prove that you are a member of the queer community.

The app can also be a bit tricky to handle, but if you are used to different Android and Apple apps, then you will definitely realize how the whole algorithm and connections process works within a day or two.

Unfortunately, the matches on your homepage will not appear according to the compatibility but rather according to your location, so you will definitely need to learn how to use the filters and features in order to find people that will be a good match for you.

Special Features

main features of her

Since We Are Her has been updated quite recently, they have also added several amazing features that will make your search for a potential girlfriend a lot faster and easier. These are some of our favorites!

Social media vibe

Once you create your dating profile on We Are Her, you will be able to upload posts, pictures, and videos to it, just like you would do on regular social media like Facebook and Instagram. This can make the whole process of meeting the right woman for you a lot easier because you will be able to find out quite a lot of things about her before you decide to reach out.

Amazing filters

Even though lesbian dating apps are quite a niche, and you can be sure all the women on the app are into this sort of dating, you definitely still want to use some filters in order to be able to find the right partner for yourself. You can search for them by sexual orientation, educations, and plenty of other interests.


If you have ignored someone or suddenly denied their match, and you may want to get in touch with them again, then rewind is definitely the right feature for you. It is a paid feature, but in case you think you have really missed out on an amazing person, you will definitely want to use it.

Pros & Cons


  • Only for queer women
  • Around 1 million active users
  • Great profile quality
  • Works similar to social media


  • Not really easy to use
  • It can take you a long time to find a like-minded partner

Customer Support

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Since creators of We Are Her are aware of how hard it is for queer, trans, and non-binary women to find a partner in this world, they have decided to create a safe space where everyone will feel welcome.

For that reason, they have pretty active customer support that will solve not only all of the problems you may have with the app or its users but also help you out in real life and give you valuable resources and information all queer women need to have access to.

You will also need to contact them if you want to gain access to some premium features or handle your subscription.

Bottom line

As you probably know, there are not really too many apps made specifically for lesbian dating and queer women.

For that reason, We Are Her is definitely the best lesbian dating site for every queer girl on the internet and a platform where they will be able to meet like-minded women of the same sexuality and not worry about a single thing.

If you belong to this community, then I believe this is the go-to lesbian app you need to give a try to immediately.