10 Best Affair & Cheating Dating Sites for Married People

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  • DatingRing
  • March 30, 2023

When looking for an affair, dating can get complicated. Especially online. How do you keep your identity hidden, while looking to hookup with someone who’s OK with the fact that you’re married? Even if you’re in an open relationship and happy to reveal your identity, how do you find people looking for the same you are? After all, most people looking for hookups prefer to have them with others who aren’t in a relationship.

Thankfully, several apps and sites realized that a large number of people are in open relationships and open marriages these days. There’s also a number of people who are in so-called monogamous relationships, but feel the need for an affair. Maybe the relationship has turned into a friendship, or their partner for some reason or another can no longer have sex. Some feel like their love life has died out entirely and the only way to restart it is to have an affair.

No matter your sexual orientation or sexual fantasies, there’s a site for you in the list below!

1. Ashley Madison - the Original Site for Extramarital Affairs

The number one “cheating dating site” out there. Well, to be honest, while it was one of the first dating sites for married people and those looking to have an affair, today it also caters to people looking for casual dating and polyamorous dating.

Till this day though, Ashley Madison is by far one of the most popular dating sites for extramarital affairs. It became famous back in 2015 because someone hacked their database, creating a scandal. This worked, not only to up the security of the site, but to attract more members—today you’ll find over 60M members using Ashley Madison for an affair. Dating sites can’t often claim to get better with the years, but Ashely Madison appears to have succeeded beautifully.

Ashely Madison focuses on discreet affairs, so you have the option to blur your profile picture and only show your real photo to those you choose to show it to. Profiles aren’t particularly detailed, either. There is the option to look for affairs when traveling—you can schedule it into a calendar and look for hookups in those locations.

If you want a big site with a lot of members, Ashley Madison is a good bet.

2. Heated Affairs - a Large Married Affairs Website

Heated Affairs is a so-called “married affairs website.” That doesn’t grammatically add up, but it’s for married people looking for affairs, or those who get off on having affairs with married people. And there’s a large audience for this kind of dating—the site has over 40M members worldwide. It’s definitively one of the world’s largest cheating dating sites.

The members of Heated Affairs come in all age groups—ranging from 18 to 55+. And they’re evenly spread out, so whatever age group you fall into, you’ll find the perfect match for you. With over 40M members, there’s also a large chance you find a match near you. As it turns out, if you’re looking for an affair, dating sites can be rather helpful!

You’re able to sign up as an individual, couple, or group. This is great if you’re looking for swinging, or polyamory. All sexual orientations are welcome, as they are on most sites listed here.

One fun thing about heated affairs is that it allows you to do personality tests, as well as fill out what kind of kinks you’re into. That’s pretty deep for a site that caters to affairs!

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3. Victoria Milan - a Cheating Dating Site

Victoria Milan claims to be the number one cheating dating site. Well, someone had to contest Ashley Madison! A European site, Victoria Milan has about 8M members worldwide. There are the most members in the 25-34 age group, but ages range from 18-55+.

Being a relatively new site, it has a nice layout and design. And like Ashley Madison, you can blur your profile photo and then allow chosen members to see it. There’s also an exit panic button if someone should walk up to you while you’re on the app/site.

This is definitively one of the nicer dating sites for married people, and it’s free to sign up and have a look around, so you can easily check if it’s for you.

4. Wives Cheat - Discreet Online Affairs

This is yet another site designed for discretion. No notifications, anti-scammer technology, and the ability to keep your profile hidden. It also offers a nice design and the standard things expected from a dating site, such as search functions.

You can also play a game of discreet encounters which is similar to swiping on Tinder. Unlike other sites, it offers a “diary” option where people can share stories about their encounters and fantasies, so as to inspire others. It’s definitively one of the dating sites for married people worth checking out. As always, try to check out the site before you choose a paid membership.

5. No Strings Attached - Great for Online Married Dating Site

No Strings Attached is popular among dating sites for married people. While not as large as Ashley Madison, Heated Affairs, or AdultFriendFinder, it is definitively large enough to be interesting and filled with members who are looking for some fun on the side.

Because the site (owned by the same company FriendFinder is owned by) offers a webcam, you can have online sex if you prefer that to meeting up in real life. Some people prefer online affairs as they find them more of a turn on, or less like “cheating.” Dating sites don’t always offer webcam options though.

No Strings Attached allows to post some photos on the site. You can even upload videos for all to see.

No Strings Attached isn’t just for married people, but also for singles looking for no strings attached fun. Particularly those who get off on having an affair with someone married.

6. Adult Friend Finder - Adult Fun Online

Adult Friend Finder is not among the sites listed as dating sites for married people. However, it’s a massive site for anyone looking for hookups, casual encounters, and online fling. If you don’t want to physically have sex with someone other than your partner, then finding an online hookup on AdultFriendFinder can be an option. You’ll find millions (over 80M to be precise) of members worldwide looking for sexual adventures on AdultFriendFinder. It’s one of the world’s largest hookup sites.

AdultFriendFinder is more than a dating site—you will find a community of people looking to swap ideas, discuss things, and so forth. It’s really a social networking site with a focus on casual fling. You can join as a couple, as a group, or as an individual.

If you aren’t into physically cheating, dating sites can be tricky as members expect hookups. AdultFriendFinder is different in that many members are only looking for sexting, online fling, or some adult entertainment that can be found on the site.

7. Seeking - Site to Find Wealthy Men

This is a site for just about anyone—whether you’re looking to have an affair, or find some other arrangement that suits you. The deal is that you say exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you want a younger beautiful girl. Maybe you want a friend and mentor whom you have some fun in the bedroom with. Maybe you want an affair. As people use this site to find all sorts of arrangements, it doesn’t fall among the “married affairs websites” but it certainly caters to those looking for an affair.

Seeking focuses on older men looking for younger women, so you have to be clear on what you want the arrangement to be. As mentioned, it’s not always about monetary support—just support of some kind. The idea is that everyone should be able to be honest and upfront about what they are looking for.

This site is big on safety and, as such, your profile picture has to be approved. You can also opt to have a background check by Optimum Screening. This will provide you with a badge for your profile.

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8. Illicit Encounters - Extramarital Affairs in the UK and Ireland

Illicit Encounters is one of the top married affairs websites in the UK and Ireland, with over 1M members. Unlike other cheating dating sites, it’s only for people who are married, divorced, separated, or widowed. They are also less “sex focused” than other sites—appreciating that some people need romance, not sex, to reinvigorate their love life. It’s also possible just to chat to other members online, if that’s the option you prefer.

To keep members’ identities private, Illicit Encounters gives you the option to password protect your pictures.

The profiles are rather lacking in ingenuity—you only fill in some basic info and have an option to write an “about me” statement.

As with most other sites on this list, Illicit Encounters is a site for people looking for affairs, married-dating, and short-term relationships. In other words, people don’t use it to find love.

9. Gleeden - Save Your Love Life with an Affair

If you’re looking to have an affair outside your marriage, Gleeden is yet another cheating site for extramarital affairs. This one was set up by some French women who wanted to save their marriages—by having an affair. This was back in 2012 and now the site has over 4M members.

As most sites, Gleeden requires email verification, which helps eliminate bots from the sites. No photo is required for the sign up process however, as some members prefer to stay anonymous it’s not a requirement. Moderators do check uploaded photos and you can choose to keep them private—revealing them only to certain members—or public.

The profiles are fairly detailed, and you can fill in things like hobbies, sports you play, etc. You can search for others using a variety of different filters, which, of course, only work if they fill out their profiles properly.

10. Find New Passion - a Small Site for Affair Dating

Find New Passion caters to people in relationships looking for an affair. It’s for people who are looking to meet, chat and possibly hookup with others. Explicit photos aren’t allowed, so it’s not an adult dating site. If you’re looking for online sex, this isn’t the site for you. That said, you might very well meet someone who’d be happy to have online sex outside the site.

It doesn’t have the most appealing design and layout, but provides all the basic functions. You can look for members with photos, members near you and so forth.

Find New Passion doesn’t have a feature for hidden photos, but photos are only visible to members. Photos further have to be approved by moderators before they become visible on your profile.

This site for affair dating is definitively not one of the biggest players, but it is worth checking out to see if there are any interesting members.