When and What to Text After The First Date?

text after a first date
  • DatingRing
  • April 15, 2023

Scheduling a first date with someone you like can seem to be the hardest thing ever, but the real question is how you should act once you go home after it.

Both men and women tend to struggle a lot with this, and sometimes they don't even know what the right thing to do after the first date is.

For that reason, we have decided to make things a bit easier and help you realize how you should be acting after your first date.

When to Text After First Date

Text them after a few days. Once you go home after the first date, you probably won't feel the need to text them immediately, but you will definitely need to make a move a day or two later.

I would recommend you to give yourself enough time to reflect on the date, realize how this man or woman made you feel, and whether you would want to see them in the future or not.

Many people make a mistake and send the message immediately, which can really be a bad decision, especially if you are still not sure how you feel about them.

For that reason, I would recommend you to spend 2 to 3 days reflecting on the date, trying to realize what are your plans for the future and what are the things you can do with your potential partner.

Once you have an idea in your mind, it is the right time to reach out to them and send them a sweet message. [Read: 10 Tips For A Second Date]

Who Should Text First After a Date

text after a first date

A man should always text first. Even though women are trying to be the ones who initiate everything these days, I still believe a man should be the one who sends the first message after the date.

Since men are usually the ones who send mixed signs and who tend to go out on a lot of first dates, I believe they should initiate the conversation after the first date.

This way, they will show a woman that they value her and that they would probably like to go out again with her.

However, if you are a woman and you feel like it would be better for you to be the one who starts everything, you can always give it a try.

Overall, men are the ones who tend to have a lot of doubts over their potential partners, so I still believe this should be left to them because you never know what kind of game they may be playing, unfortunately. [Read: Tips for Asking Guys Out]

What to Text After First Date

Always send a warm message. If you are sending the first message after your official date, you should definitely start with something warm and kind that will show them you enjoyed spending time with them.

I would recommend you to thank the other person for spending time with you, providing you with a pleasant conversation and company.

A thankful note is always a good start, but you can also send them a joke or a meme if you have realized they are the type of person that likes this stuff.

However, make sure you always thank them first and show them how much you have enjoyed the time you have spent together.

Most people underestimate the power of this small move which can really be a gamechanger, especially in romantic relationships.

In case you don't think this person is the right match and you don't really want to see them again, make sure to explain that too but politely. [Read: Stay Safe Dating and Still Have Fun]

Wait A Bit For The Second Date

If you have really enjoyed the first date and you want to schedule the next one immediately, make sure to take your time and don't rush into things.

It may look a bit immature to the other side, and also, you are not 100% sure how they are feeling about this whole situation.

For that reason, I believe you should follow our previous pieces of advice and hold on until you are sure the other side is interested too.

Also, you should always wait at least a week before you see someone again because going out on a lot of dates all at once can be quite confusing and even lead to a completely different effect in the end.