Swap Finder Review – Is This Your Swinger Game Changer in 2023?

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  • April 10, 2023

If you are adventurist who want to explore more thing, and new things (in general), then Swap Finder is a great swinger dating site to join. In this review, we'll go through what makes Swap Finder so different from other platforms. Stay tunned!

Site Overview

Swap Finder may not be as popular as most other swingers dating platforms, but it has been around for quite some time, and it seems like they have a loyal audience that keeps on using the platform even to this day.

This is a swinging website that gathers a specific audience that is seeking an adventurous sex life and is looking for different partners every single week.

Since it is suitable both for single people and couples, whatever your relationship status may be at the moment, you will definitely be able to find a swinging partner for yourself.

Ease Of Use

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Swap Finder is a dating platform targeted at a specific audience that is looking for some pretty crazy and uncommon things in their sex life.

Since it is one of the rare siwnger sites, you can be sure that most of the swingers of the world are active on the website because they dont really have a better option or a platform where they could be looking for potential partners.

Even though the platform is quite simple, and you will be able to create an account simply by logging in through your Gmail or Facebook account, plenty of people is suspicious of it.

The rumors say that the platform is full of different bots and scammers, specifically because the website doesnt require any sort of verification process or authenticaion when joining it.

For that reason, basically, anyone can gain acess to the platform and start chattign with others users, even if they dont really have the best intentions.

This is something that pushes people away from Swap Finder and why they decide to look for their swinger partners somewhere else.

The website may be straightforward to use, but unless you are 100% sure you are getting in tocuh with a real person, I wouldnt really recommend it.

How it works

how it works sf

Swap Finder is quite simple, and besides form the regular features every single dating site is offering to you, they dont really have a large number of amazing features.

However, their chat feature is amazing, and it can be used without any problems 24/7.

This is the easiest way you can connect with another user, and since it is very modernized, you will be able to exchange gifs, pictures, videos, and different links with them.

They also have an app, so you will be able to use this feature whenever you want, and it will definitely work amazing.

However, I would still stay safe and make sure I am dealing with the right person because you don’t want to expose yourself to a scammer.

Also, they offer great filters that will help you eliminate all the people or couples who may not be your cup of tea, which will make the search for your swinging partner a whole lot easier.

You can choose the physical characteristics of your potential swing date, and you can even list all the sexual things you are expecting from your partner.

This will make the whole partner searching process a lot faster, and you will be able to match with individuals who are seeking the same thing as you.

It is beneficial for couples who want to make sure they have come across the right person for themselves because they can include all the requirements they have and start searching for the best match.

Special Features

main features of sf

Swap Finder is really an adventurous dating site, which is also the reason why they have some of the craziest special features ever.

  • Live Webcam: Just like many other dating sites of this sort, Swap Finder provides you with a live webcam feature that you can use to do anything and everything, or maybe just to chat with someone and see whether they will be a good choice for what you have in mind or not.
  • Sex Academy: This is a special feature made for premium users that actually teaches you about sex and provides you with insight into some of the craziest secrets of the swinger lifestyle
  • Blogs: Blogs are a separate part of the website where you will be able to exchange experiences with other users but also write about things that happened to you and you can really gain valuable insight if you dedicate your time to read through it.
  • Hot or Not: This is quite a simple feature that allows you to judge whether someone is hot to you or not simply by clicking yes or no on their profiles.


  • Best swingers dating site
  • Both for singles and couples
  • Easy to use


  • Plenty of scammers and fake profiles
  • Not really active

Customer Support

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Unfortunately, Swap Finder doesn’t really have active customer support, and if you are ever experiencing some sort of trouble with them, then you should get used to it.

It can take them weeks or even months to respond, and overall, the support and creators are not very active, which is probably the reason why this swinger dating site is so chaotic and messed up and doesn’t have a loyal audience.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Swap Finder is the real deal for people who are into swinger dating and are eager to find a partner or a couple for themselves.

However, the website is not very active, and it can really cause you a lot of trouble, so unless you really didn’t have enough success on all other dating sites, you shouldn’t waste your time on it.