Sugar Book—The Verdict on a Sugar Daddy Site

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  • DatingRing
  • April 10, 2023

A hugely popular sugar dating site, Sugar Book has been written up about in many prestigious publications. Of course, sugar dating always create controversy in the media, too—some say it’s empowering to create relationships where both parties state up front what they want. Others say that sugar dating is immoral as it sometimes has a financial part to it.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

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SugarBook claims to be the site where romance meets finance. Their motto, if you so like, is that you should be able to negotiate the terms of the relationship you want—say what you want and get it.

The site has about 65% female users (mainly female sugar babies, though men can sign up as sugar babies and women as sugar mommas), so it’s a great site for men looking to date a woman!

All members will be reviewed when signing up—this takes 24-48 hours and helps prevent frauds. And while free to sign up, it will cost to message other members unless you’re a female college student—then you can get a premium account for free. Likewise, unless you’re a premium member you won’t be able to see members in other cities and countries.

There is the option to get verified and you can choose to only engage with members who have been verified.

SugarBook, in addition to offering an online site and app, hosts exclusive events for their members. The site and app are both well designed and easy to use.

Main Features

main features of sugarbook

The main features of this sugar dating site are:

  • as a member you can create a straight forward profile
  • public and private photo albums
  • instant messaging
  • ability to get verified
  • app available for iOS and Android, though the Play Store has started banning sugar dating apps, including SugarBook
  • you can search for members using basic criteria—including members in other countries
  • online and offline parties hosted by the site for its members
  • ability to favorite other members

Note that you have to upgrade to a premium membership so as to be able to use all features.

How Easy Is It to Use the Site?

SugarBook is a simple, yet stylish, site. Likewise, the app favors minimalist design. It’s incredibly easy to use.

Customer Support

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You can either email or call SugarBook.


Is SugarBook a scam?

No, it’s a real site used by hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

Are there many fake profiles on SugarBook?

No. One or two are likely going to sneak in, but all members are approved by staff. You can also choose to have your profile verified. If you want to avoid fakes, speak only with verified members.

Is SugarBook illegal?

No, but sugar dating sites aren’t liked by all governments and some ban them. Likewise, the Google Play Store has started banning sugar dating apps, including Sugar Book.

How many members does SugarBook have?

A couple of hundred thousand.

The Bottom Line


Among sugar daddy dating sites, SugarBook is a popular option. They’ve been around for a while and the website and app are nicely designed. The fact that they manually approve new members and there’s an option to verify your profile helps keep fakes at bay. To avoid fake members entirely, only chat to those who have been verified.

They’ve opted to keep things very simple—there are no fancy features at all. You can’t use video, there are no personality tests to take, or complicated profiles to fill in. If you like simplicity and style, this is the way to go.