Top 10 Obvious Signs He’s Into You [MUST KNOW]

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  • April 10, 2023

What are the signs he’s into you? How do you know a guy is into you? Well, while there’s no hard rules, there certainly are signs a guy displays if he’s into you. The signs listed below are mainly signs a guy you’re dating is into you. However, some of them apply to people you know casually as well.

Below you’ll find ten signs he’s into you. When you look at those signs, you also have to look at the guy’s overall personality. A shy guy might not ask you to join him for a family dinner, not because he’s not into you, but because he fears you will say no. Someone else might not ask you to meet his friends because he doesn’t think you’ll like them.

Everyone’s different and what they’re comfortable is different—for varying reasons.

How to Know If a Guy is Into You

1. He Makes Plans with You for the Weekend

A sure fire sign he’s into you is that he naturally assumes the two of you are going to spend some time over the weekend together. Every weekend.

Likewise, he starts assuming you’ll meet at least one evening per week. He sees your date nights as a part of his weekly routine.

Of course, how much time each man has that’s disposable varies. Some men work late every night and won’t be able to meet during the week. Others are training for a marathon in the weekend, or have family commitments. Not always being available isn’t necessarily a sign he isn’t into you. However, you should see signs after a while that he starts prioritizing your time together as much as he prioritizes time with his friends.

Bear in mind that how much time you spend together is a gradual process—you should only become a priority once you’ve proven you are an amazing woman worthy of his time! And that goes two ways—he should only make you a priority once you’ve proven you’re worth it. However, to get to that place you both need to spend some time together!

2. He Asks Questions About You

hes into you

He is genuinely interested in finding out about you—your past, your current life and your future plans and dreams.

What’s more, when you share things, he remembers. He knows that you prefer rice to pasta and that you like red over blue. That said, he will forget things, too, but you can see that he stores away information and later acts on it. Such as buying you your favorite flower, or taking you to a restaurant you’ve mentioned you like.

Not all men are wired to remember the details. This is one of obvious signs a guy is into you. However, if he’s into you and doesn’t remember, you might want to consider if that’s the kind of man you want to be with. Of course, you can help him understand that it’s important that he remembers certain things. [Read: 15 Online Dating Tips for Women Finding Their Spouse]

Likewise, some men will know that you love picnics and road trips and aren’t that into chocolate, but will still gift you chocolate and roses for your birthday. Because that’s the “done thing” to do. Men aren’t mind readers, so you have to help them along sometimes. Tell them what date nights you want and gifts that you prefer. How you like spending time with them (and how you don’t). Only after that, can you see if they will remember and adhere to your wishes (granted you also take their wishes into account).

3. He Communicates Regularly

He texts you, calls you and sees you on a regular basis. He may or may not be someone who enjoys texting daily and he may be more or less busy. But he always makes a point to keep in touch on a regular basis. He doesn’t go MIA for a week and then pops back.

4. He Shows Up

If you’ve scheduled a date, he shows up for it or has a very good excuse for why he didn’t. Things will get in the way at some point or another, but they don’t happen regularly (unless his sister is currently in hospital, he has an unpredictable job, or some such situation). [Read: Could Dogfishing Lead to a Successful Date?]

What’s more, he shows up to support you. If you have a funeral or wedding to attend, he volunteers to be there—if you want it. If he knows you’re nervous about going to the doctor or the dentist, again, he offers support. At first that may be through text, but at some point it moves over to him offering to be there in person for you.

Likewise, if he knows you have a big assignment at work, he asks how it went by the end of the day, or checks in with a text. You can see he cares about you by caring about the outcome of various things in your life.

5. He Asks Your Opinion

While he might be a decisive man who knows how to choose a suit, or buy a gift for his friend, he still cares about your opinion. He might light up like the sun when you compliment him for something, or he might ask what you think about something.

Likewise, when ordering dinner or making plans for the weekend, he asks your opinion. He wants you to be happy, too. He doesn’t just choose for you (unless it’s a surprise).

6. He Introduces You to Friends and Family

Another sign he’s into you, is his willingness to introduce you to friends and family. When this happens depends on how he sees things. He might be the kind of person who introduces everyone to his friends and family, in which case it’s not a sign he likes you. However, if he waits a while and then shows that he’s ready to do so, it’s likely a sign he’s into you. [Read: Guide to Find a Sugar Momma]

Of course, if he thinks you won’t like his friends/family or they won’t like you, then you might be stuck waiting for a long time for an introduction. Some men don’t have great relationships with their family, either. In that case, he’s likely dreading the introduction.

7. He Brings You with to Work Events

If he needs a plus one for a work related event, he doesn’t hesitate to invite you. He wants to show you off to his colleagues.

8. He Compliments You

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Of course, a sign he’s into you is that he compliments you. For some that happens naturally—they compliment everyone. Charmers tend to do this because they grew up in an environment where compliments flowed freely. So if a man is a natural charmer, you and everyone around will receive compliments. However, if the compliments become increasingly personal, it shows he’s been thinking about you and has a genuine respect for you. And if he starts complimenting your looks beyond the odd comment about a great outfit, it shows he’s attracted to you. /p>

9. He Takes You into His Confidence

If he takes you into his confidence and shares the trials and tribulations in his life, it shows he cares to have you as a close friend. And that’s the starting point of any good relationship. [Read: How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You]

The reason people share about their lives vary. There are those who are looking for sympathy, while others want to impress. That’s different from sharing in a healthy manner where you simply want to share your life with someone else. Naturally, everyone wants sympathy or wants to impress at some point. However, if you see that a guy is looking to have you care for him instead of him taking responsibility for his own life, or he constantly wants his ego stroked, then you have to make up your mind if that’s something you’re happy with.

10. He Tells You He’s Into You

By the end of the day, the only real way of finding out if someone’s into you, is to ask them. Assuming you’re already dating, ask the guy how he sees things going—what he’s looking for. If he’s looking for just casual dating, he’ll say so.

If you’re chatting to someone a lot and it seems they’re into you—they keep complimenting you, spending time with you and so forth, then see how they react to you flirting with them. If they keep calling you “sweets,” try calling them “hot stuff.” Eventually, ask if they think you should take the flirting to the next step? Let them answer to see if they offer a date, one of absolutely signs he’s into you, or go straight for something in the bedroom. Of course, he might just say he enjoys the conversations and that’s it.

Relationships are based in communication. Without it, there’s nothing tying you to another human being. We communicate through actions, words, and body language. So listen to what the guy is doing and don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know. Don’t jump the gun, but keep things clear from as early on as possible. Create a basis for honesty and clarity. It will make your life with anyone so much easier.