How to Sext with Random Strangers

sext with strangers
  • DatingRing
  • April 10, 2023

Sexting is an emphatic skill that can get you laid if you do it right. Many people struggle with sexting. Most people who try attempt to sext often come out as creepy. This is mainly because they do not know how to ease their way into it. Instead, they use a more abrupt approach that overwhelms the significant other. The best sexts are subtle, smart, humorous, and progressive.

While sexting, make sure that you grab the attention of the stranger without coming out as too thirsty. If you do it right, Sexting can get the stranger excited to meet you, builds investment, and ultimately, skyrockets your possibly skyrockets your chances of having sex.

Keep it Smooth

Smoothness and progression are major elements that separate good sexting from bad sexting. Instead of blasting out explicit pick up lines on your first message, consider waiting it out. When talking to a stranger, you want to make them feel at ease before you can move on to sexting.

Ideally, you want to start with friendly small talk and then edge towards your objection message by message. Do not get straight to the point after a series of totally random messages. You want to build anticipation to the sext, so keep your messages slowly edging towards the peak.

A drastic shift in conversation will likely catch the stranger off-guard, even if they are like-minded individuals looking for sex. Furthermore, this mistake is very common with most men, and it makes the conversation lack social calibration.

It Should Turn Her On!

Unfortunately, when many guys sext, they write it ina very immature manner. They have no sense of detail, progression, or subtlety, and they like to jump straight to the point. Thus, they end up sending a sext message that fails to turn a girl on.

Consider the fact that girls love the sexual tension buildup. They appreciate sexts that describe your intentions comprehensively and descriptively. Put efforts into your sexts so that when the girl reads the sext, she can paint the exact picture of what you have in mind.

By doing so, you will not only accomplish turning the girl on but also have increases your chances of sex. Furthermore, make sure that you base your sexts around subtle details and not vivid imaginations of hard-core experimental sex.

It Should Build Intrigue

Good sexting always leaves the girl hungry for more; when sexting starts giving you good responses, do not keep piling up the sexts and reach the climax. Once you do sext about the climax, it ends the girl's curiosity. Furthermore, now that she knows the outcome, she will be less intrigued to have sex with you. Therefore, once your sexts start to build interest, you must keep her wanting for more.

Once you do successfully build up the intrigue, your sexts will ultimately reward you with the benefits. Once you build the investment from her and she wants to know more, you can use this opportunity to meet her in person and successfully hook up with her.

Final Words

When it comes to hooking up with strangers, sexting may play a big part in your success. However, it is important to note that sexting is emphatically necessary to find casual sex partners. Nevertheless, it does make for a fun conversation and a good time.