7 Tips for How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

be your girlfriend
  • DatingRing
  • April 3, 2023

In case you have already been seeing this girl for a while, and you are 100% sure she can be the right one, you will need to come up with a way to ask her to become your girlfriend.

Most men feel very anxious when it comes to this event, and they lose entirely confidence and words, so they just mumble out something without too much sense.

If you don’t want to be one of these men, make sure to follow our tips and ask her to become your girlfriend and receive a positive response.

Make Sure The Timing Is Right

Men usually love to take things slow and make sure they think through everything before they decide to make the first step.

Getting into a relationship can be quite a tough decision to make for everyone, especially men, so they will make sure they are 100% sure of this decision before they decide to talk about it with their woman.

For that reason, make sure that you are ready for it right now, and also make sure the other circumstances are working in your favor.

In case something seems to be odd or the two of you have lost your spark, you may need to wait a bit more before you decide to pop the question.

Start Hinting At It

If you are already sure that you will make this girl your girlfriend in the future, you should start hinting at it through the conversation.

You can call her “wifey material” in a random convo, or start talking about how good she is at something.

That will send her a sign that you may want something more from her.

Choose The Right Time And The Right Place

be your girlfriend

Before you decide to ask her a question as serious as this one, make sure you have chosen the right time and location for it.

You will need to make sure she is not stressed or angry because of something that happened throughout the day, and you should also avoid a crowded place because it really is not the best option for a question like this one. [Read: 8 Great Tips for Asking Guys Out]

Also, you need to be sure that no one will interrupt you in a moment like this, so it is best to do it somewhere far away from other people and where you can see her reaction clearly.

Make Sure She Wants That Too

If you want to make this girl your girlfriend and someone you will go public with, you will need to make sure she is interested in that kind of relationship too.

Popping the questions and then receiving a negative answer is something that I really wouldn’t wish to anyone, so make sure both of you are looking for the same thing.

Don’t Do It Over The Phone

These days, men tend to do everything through the phone, which is probably the worst decision they will ever make. [Read: 10 Tips For A Second Date ]

Women are all about talking eye to eye, so if you want to propose something as serious as this, you should make sure you are talking in real life.

Asking things like this over the phone can be considered immature, or she may even think that you don’t have enough confidence to ask her this in real life.

For that reason, avoid a phone call at all costs.

Word It The Right Way

Men tend to be pretty bad with words, and when they decide to make someone their girlfriend, they will probably try to use some of those cheesy lines they can find on the internet. [Read: What to do After First Date With a Guy ]

Trust me, women recognize these phrases in a second, and even though they may find it to be funny, I believe it is always good to avoid them and come up with something original, even if it is silly.

They will definitely appreciate it more than a regular phrase you can find online, and even if it sounds funny, they will still love it.

Create A Pleasant Atmosphere

Make sure the atmosphere between the two of you is good, and make sure she isn’t angry because of something because your whole effort can go to hell.

Light up some candles, make her dinner or take her out to her favorite place and then pop the questions you want so badly.