Could Dogfishing Lead to a Successful Date?

  • DatingRing
  • March 30, 2023

Have you heard of dogfishing? It’s a strange term that came into use in recent years because some people—often men—will use pictures of a dog in their profile pictures and other pictures on dating sites, social media, etc. The idea is that having a picture of a cute dog will get more people to click on the profile and reach out, often asking for a date.

Will It Work for You?

Does this work? It can. Dogs are “man’s best friend” for plenty of reasons, and this is one of them. When you see someone who owns a dog, you tend to picture them a bit differently from someone who doesn’t have a dog.

It often means that they are caring and that they like to spend time with their pet. People often equate the way people treat their pets with the way they treat other humans. Having a dog might also make it seem like they are more active if they are often out doing something with their dog.

Of course, dogs are also adorable. They can often make people overlook some of the other things that might not have been as appealing on the dating site. However, just because you have a picture of a dog doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to have more dates.

More and more people are becoming wise to the types of games people are playing on these sites. Sometimes, the dogs that are in the pictures aren’t even owned by the person posing with them. They might not have any pets at all. They are just trying to increase the number of people who are interested in meeting them.

If you don’t have a dog or you aren’t often around the dogs you have in your pictures, you are essentially lying. People catch onto this quickly. If you can’t produce the dog when they meet you, they’ll realize what you’ve been doing. It’s not a good look. It screams of desperation, and that’s not attractive at all. [Read: How to Talk to a Girl You Like Without Being Nervous ]

Be Honest and Genuine and It Can Lead to More Dates

However, dogfishing absolutely can work when you don’t lie about it. If you have a dog, you naturally want to have them in pictures with you. After all, you love your dog, and you like to spend time doing things together. You go to the dog park, the beach, on hikes, etc.

When you have a dog that’s a big part of your life, then you will certainly want to make sure they are included in your pictures, your bio, etc. It will start to attract more attention, and it could help you meet some people who have dogs of their own or who are simply dog lovers.

If you connect with someone online who has dogs of their own, you might want to suggest getting the dogs together to meet. Going to the dog park or the beach, or any other public place where dogs are allowed can be a good option.

You’ll find that dogs can also be good as topics of conversation. You can talk about each other’s dogs before you head into a deeper conversation about one another. They work really well to break the ice for you. [Read: 12 Amazing Tips Will Let You Know How to Woo a Woman ]

Of course, you have to keep in mind that your dog is not your personality, no matter how charismatic he or she might be. You need to have more than just a cute dog going for you if you want to have more than one date with someone. Be honest, be yourself, and if you have a dog, you can certainly use them in your pictures to help you garner more interest and more dates.